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Allan Gray

Allan Gray

Allan Gray is a South African investment management company.

Our purpose is to help our investors build wealth over the long term and we seek to earn the trust of our clients by providing superior long-term investment performance, outstanding client service and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We offer our services to individual investors and institutions

Our clients include individuals, retirement funds, insurers, trusts, companies and foundations investing in Southern Africa.

Financial advisers

We do not provide financial advice. However, we provide a range of services to assist independent financial advisers whose clients entrust their money to us.

We take a long term view to managing investments.While share prices often diverge from true value over the short term, over the long term market prices are driven by underlying value. We therefore aim to identify securities that we can buy at meaningful discounts to their fundamental value and believe that this is the best way of both delivering superior long-term performance and minimising the risk of capital loss. To read more about our approach to investment management click here. Our success depends on our investors’ success.

Allan Gray was a pioneer of performance related investment management fees and today the overwhelming majority of our clients’ assets are managed on this basis.

As a consequence we focus on investment performance and not on the size of assets under management.

We have an international association with the Orbis Group

Allan Gray founded both Allan Gray Limited and the Orbis Group and Gray family interests continue to control both firms. We share with Orbis the same investment approach, culture and commitment to our clients. In partnership with Orbis we offer Southern African investors a coherent global investment product range.

For more information, go to http://www.allangray.co.za

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